About Us

““இவ்வளவு செலவு செய்யும் ஒரு தேசத்தில் படிப்பு முடியும்போது அறிவைப் பயன்படுத்துவதற்கான வேலை தயாராக இல்லாததால், அது பெரும் சுமையாக முடிந்து விடுகிறது.”
 G. Nammalvar, Uzhavukkum Undu Varalaru


About The Store

JIS STORE Beginning was small. Initially we started our Business with Apparel line through http://www.jisboutique.com. With the huge success and support from our buyers, we started separate line for Essential items. For the moment, we are present only as Online store. QUALITY & SERVICE is our motto

Why Should choose us?
We as a company carries forward the business to deliver high quality products to the consumers. All our food products are a tribute to the unique Indian home-cook tradition. We deal directly with the brands like Narasus,VVS,Maamis,Stag Brand,Pasumark,Aachi. Hence we were able to give very best price to the customers when compared to other online portal and offline shops. cereals,dhal,pulses and spices are mostly sourced from Direct farmers.

We aim to provide the very good shopping experience to our customer through Enhanced Delivery service. We believe in creating lasting experiences and go an extra mile to serve our customers better. To make their journey an enjoyable one, our knowledgeable and passionate staff answers any queries they may have.

We are working hard to give you everyday great prices on great quality products. Our aim is to provide you the freshest and finest food experience